How to Join Paparazzi

Are you wondering how to join Paparazzi? It is actually pretty simple! You can become a consultant in minutes!!! 


How to Join Paparazzi

  1. Select your Sponsor - they will be your Paparazzi mentor, and you will become a member of their team. My team is Team Royal Diamonds. We have a team Facebook group, a team chat, and tons offer of training on how to get started. I am a Black Diamond Seller and have been doing Paparazzi for over 4.5 years!!! I sell over six figures of bling per year and would love to mentor you!! Join me today here:
  2. Select your Starter Kit - There are 3 kits available ranging from $99 to $499. Once you select your kit, you're ready to enroll.
  3. Enroll Online

    Enrollment is super simple and takes minutes! The Paparazzi website will walk you through the process!  You'll need a Sponsor number when you enroll (mine is 222568) or go right to my link The Paparazzi Website to join is:

  4. Plan your First Sale!

    Once you've enrolled, your kit is on it's way! Reach out to me for tips on how to hit the ground running. I love chatting with my new team members to walk them through the process and answer any questions they might have!! 

If you've been looking for an opportunity to make money and have fun doing it, why not become a Paparazzi Consultant!!?? I'd love to walk you through how to join Paparazzi - contact me at today or connect on Facebook and let me help!