I have been a part of other direct sales companies in the past and I can tell you, this is the one that works! With other companies, either the product was too expensive or people got bored with lack of selection. I hated asking my friends and family to buy a $50 or $100 product. But $5 jewelry? Anyone can afford that! And at only $5, it truly sells itself. It's not a cutthroat company - it's more like a family. We bounce ideas off each other, share resources and go the extra mile with training. We also SHARE CUSTOMERS!!! How can we do that? Because of the daily inventory changes, I likely will not have the same inventory as team member A or B, and at $5, our customers are glad to buy many pieces from multiple consultants. Paparazzi truly has this figured out. So very different from other direct sales opportunities I have tried in the past. A positive experience and I truly am making money and advancing every month!

Here are some of the things I love about Paparazzi Accessories:

  • AFFORDABILITY: $5 jewelry sells itself! Having an affordable product means it's easier to sell and maintain repeat customers.
  • FLEXIBILITY: I'm my own boss. I set my own, flexible hours.
  • FREEDOM: I can work ANYWHERE from my phone. In the line waiting to pick up my kids, at the ball field, or at the grocery store.
  • GENEROUS COMMISSION & PASSIVE INCOME: Paparazzi Accessories offers 45% Commission on jewelry and a structured downline commission system that means potential for HUGE passive income.
  • VARIETY: Beautiful, affordable jewelry with inventory changes almost every day
  • SISTERHOOD: Amazing fellow consultants who share customers and create a community of collaboration.
  • FREE WEBSITE: Get your own FREE branded site 
  • NO QUOTAS:  No monthly quotas
  • NO RE-UP FEE: No yearly re-up fee (you do have to purchase a certain number of pieces to continue, but no fees)
  • AMAZING TRAINING & SUPPORT: Training, support and incentives from Paparazzi Accessories Corporate and from your "upline" leaders.
  • AFFORDABLE STARTER KITS: While some companies' starter kits are in the thousands, Paparazzi offers three different starter kits - from just $99.
  • IT WORKS: It's amazing how much you can make selling this $5 bling!